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Looking for caring, safe, affordable baby care? Welcome to Whenua, the baby care room at Piccolo Park. We specialise in babies and infants 3-24 months old.

We understand that choosing a baby care place is an important decision. You can rest assured that our focus is on structuring things around your baby’s individual needs – not the centre’s convenience as is all to common.

Our qualified teachers have warm and caring personalities and a real understanding of babies and infants. You can have peace of mind that your baby will receive loving, nurturing and patient baby care that responds to all your baby’s physical, emotional and developmental needs.

9 reasons to choose Piccolo Park for baby care…

  1. A relaxed approach. We believe in taking a relaxed approach and doing things at your baby’s pace, e.g. a simple thing like not rushing when changing nappies means a calm, positive energy is transferred to your child.
  2. Your primary care giver. You and your child will have a primary care giver who will liaise with you to ensure everything is done in agreement with you. Our caregiver to baby ratio is only 1:4 (4 babies per caregiver). That’s better than ministry requirements of 1:5 (5 babies per caregiver) enabling closer supervision of your baby.
  3. Safe environment. Babies can freely explore our safe and well-considered environment. Age appropriate resources are available to help infants develop and grow at their own pace.
  4. Very well resourced. Babies get lots of stimulation here. We encourage exploration of both the indoor and outdoor environment. We provide age appropriate resources such as toys, books and paint (non toxic). Our furniture is age appropriate and there are open spaces for infants to explore on the floor.
  5. Connected to nature. Our outdoor environment has been designed around keeping children close to nature. There are lots of textures and, should children explore through taste, we’ve made sure all plants are non-toxic. There is a great flow to the outside with big open doors where children can freely move in or out of the room.
  6. Fabulous food. We provide breakfast for all infants dropped off before 8:00 am and late snacks for those picked up after 5:00 pm. There are puree fruits and vegetables for those who have only just begun solids. Older babies who are more proficient eaters will be provided with food from our menu in small portion sizes suitable for infants.
  7. Busy mums catered for. We are happy to change under-twos from PJs to day clothes so you don’t even have to think about it.
  8. Flexibility to fit in with your baby. We do what works for your baby, not our convenience. We endeavour to maintain your baby’s home routine as much as possible with regards to meal and bottle times and sleep times.
  9. Fresh food each day. A qualified chef has designed our menu and established the kitchen and trained our cook. Your baby will enjoy fresh food each day.

We’re confident your baby will thrive in the happy environment of the Whenua baby care room, our specialist baby and infant area. You can be assured your baby will receive genuine care and encouragement toward developmental milestones.

Check out Piccolo Park baby care…

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Infant & baby care FAQs

What does it cost?
You’ll find our baby care fees are very affordable. Click here for details on our baby care fees or here to request an information pack which includes fees.

Can my child have a sleep?
Yes, your child can have a sleep at the centre as per their routine at home, or at specific request from you as the parent.

Can you keep the same routine as my child has at home (feeding, sleep, etc)?
We endeavour to maintain home routines as best as practicably possible to ensure consistency between home and the centre.

What are the minimum hours/days?
The minimum attendance is 2+ days per week and 6+ hours per day.

What do I need to provide?
Please provide formula or breast milk, depending on what your child is having. We will make the formula at the centre as per instructions on the formula container. You also need to bring in nappies for your baby. If your baby is in cloth nappies we will rinse soiled nappies and have them in a bucket in the nappy change room ready for collection when your baby is picked up. You should also ensure your baby comes to the centre with named clothes, named bottles and a sun hat.