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Piccolo Park daycare centres Mt Wellington Hwy Sylvia Park and Te Rakau Dr Botany Downs reflect our love of education. Meet the owners and staff…

Piccolo Park daycare centre’s vision and creation

Piccolo Park daycare centres are an expression of our beliefs, real love of education and desire to contribute to our community. As well as being the owners of the daycare centres, we are also a close-knit family with children of our own, say Rukshana & Narisa.

We believe education is important and that each child is special and unique. Therefore it’s vital they receive the right support and nurturing to meet their individual needs. It’s about creating a solid foundation so they can flourish in the future.

Our heartfelt desire to help make this happen is what inspired our vision of Piccolo Park daycare centres, which is truly exciting.

Seeing the children at our daycare centres grow and develop into independence is very rewarding. We love expanding their capabilities, bringing out their unique talents and abilities, encouraging their inquisitiveness, and fostering a love of learning.


Meet the team

Rukshana Kapadia, centre manager at Piccolo Park Mt Wellington daycare centre

I started my career path with a ‘sensible’ Diploma in Business Studies, but then followed my heart with a Bachelor of Education in early childhood education from AUT.

My business experience began at the early age of 6 helping in my dad’s business back in Fiji. I moved to New Zealand 14 years ago and am now a fully-registered teacher with over 10 years teaching experience.

As part licence holder and owner of Piccolo Park daycare centre I currently hold the position of centre manager of Piccolo Park (Mt Wellington) Early Learning Centre.

I chose early childhood education because children are my passion. I have always wanted to be with children and be there for them. My own son Rayaan has given me my most fulfilling role as his parent, as well more insight into the mind of a child.

I believe in giving quality care and education to ALL children and am committed to providing children with a safe environment where they are free to express themselves and be who they are.

Narisa Daud, teacher & administrator at Piccolo Park Mt Wellington daycare centre

I’m Narisa, one of the teachers and administrators as well as part-owner of Piccolo Park daycare centres.

I originally completed a degree in psychology (counselling) with the intention of working with teens. After a year of social work and 3 years of insurance and human resource work for an airline I moved to New Zealand to start a new life with hubby.

Eight years of customer service and 3 children later I decided to go back to my passion for children and their often unheard voice. I completed a post-graduate diploma in Early Childhood Education, which led me to where I am now.

I believe the best way to ‘be there’ for children is right from the start in their critical early years of life. I have been teaching for two years now and it is one of the most fulfilling challenges I have ever posed myself.

Lipena, teacher at Piccolo Park Mt Wellington daycare centre

Kia ora and talofa lava to you all. My name is Lipena and I am a teacher in the Ngahere preschoolers room at Piccolo Park daycare centre Mt Wellington.

I am a married Samoan mother of four beautiful and hard working children. My family migrated from Samoa 10 years ago. My career and work experience includes over 13 years working with the ANZ Bank in Samoa, and two years working with The Warehouse in New Zealand.

As a parent I value education for my children and myself because it influences our success as a family, both now and the future.

My desire to lead the way for my kids pushed me into full time study at University for 4 years. I have now successfully completed two degrees in early childhood education and set the bar really high for my children. We all share the goal that they reach university level in their education journey and do their best academically.

Becoming a fully qualified early childhood teacher has broadened my knowledge, values and beliefs around nurturing young children within a healthy learning environment. This includes respectful caring of children and having responsive, meaningful relationships with their families to promote children’s holistic learning development.

I believe that when children and their whanau’s voices are respected and recognised within their learning environment, the validation of diverse cultures leads to authentic learning. This helps promote children’s sense of belonging and their confidence to contribute meaningfully through participation in all aspects of their learning.

I am grateful for the opportunity to become a teacher here at Piccolo Park daycare centre. I look forward to working alongside the children, their families and the teaching team to create a learning community that welcomes children’s creativity, promotes respectful relationships, and embraces diversity through reciprocity.

Hayley Wahapa, teacher at Piccolo Park Mt Wellington daycare centre

Tena Koutou Katoa, my name is Hayley and I originally come from a small town in the King Country called Taumarunui. I was raised there on a farm with my older brother and younger sister and have always had my extended family around me. Being one of the oldest I have been surrounded by young children all my life and knew from a young age that I wanted to be an early childhood teacher.

Coming from this big Maori family has always been important to me, as well as being proud of who you are and where you come from. I hope to instil this feeling of belonging within the children making them feel a part of a family here at Piccolo Park daycare centre.

I also have a beautiful daughter named Lily. Being a mother, I believe I have a very good understanding of a parent’s perspective with regards to expectations and aspirations for their child’s daycare experience.

As a kid living in the country I’ve always loved the outdoors and I’m at my happiest when I’m out and about with my family and friends. My family has always been very musical so my passion for music is very eclectic. I love to sing and dance. You’ll often find me sharing my love of music with the children having a big dance and singalong together.

I hope to meet you all and I am enjoying every minute of my time here with your amazing children. I have already begun to build great relationships with all the children and look forward to getting to know you and having fun with your children here at Piccolo Park daycare centre.

Janine Stuart, teacher at Piccolo Park Mt Wellington daycare centre

Janine was born in South Africa but moved to New Zealand at a young age. She is bilingual, speaking fluent English and Afrikaans.

Janine completed her degree in early childhood education (teaching) in 2007 at the University of Auckland. Since then she has worked at a range of centres, but specialising in working with children under two years old.

Janine is married and has a 2-year-old son who also attends Piccolo Park daycare centre. Since becoming a mother Janine believes it has strengthened and changed her as a teacher, as she has a better understanding of parents’ wants and needs.

In her spare time Janine enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, going out for dinners and watching movies.